NS-Atmosphere Injector

Switch payloads injector support SX OS, Atmosphere hekate, ReiNX and so on.


Easy to Use (Toturial)

Turn on the payload Injector, plug into the Switch console, hold the VOL+ button and press the power button. Done!

Support all the CFWs

Support the ReiNX, Atmosphere(hekate payload), SX OS and so on

The inside paylaod can be updated

You can use the NS-Atmosphere Programmer to update the payload inside.

Buid in Battery & safty charge

Built in 150mA battery, no need worry about power problems

Come with jig (RCM Tool)

Easy to plug and unplug, no damage to the console

NS-Atmosphere Programmer

With this software you can burn the payloads into the NS-Atmosphere Injector

NS-Atmosphere SD Files and Payload Release


NEW!! 2018-09-20  NS-Atmosphere-SDFiles-0920-v1.2


  • Support the newest 6.0.0 system 
  • Add the ReiNX-toolkit


2018-09-06    NS-Atmosphere-SDFiles-0906-v1.0.zip

This version is our first official release of NS-Atmosphere. We will do our best to make the system more convenient and more useful to players.


  • Added Backup&Recovery  functions
  • Added autoRCM
  • Optimized the NS-Atmosphere payload


2018-09-04  NS-Atmospher-SDFiles-v0904.zip


  • Partial Support newest switch system 6.0
  • Added Retroarch (Contains all the best simulators)
  • Added NX-Shell
  • Added FTPD
  • Updated EdiZon
  • Updated Tinfoil