How to Convert game .xci to .nsp (NEW)

This tutorial support switch 5.10~6.01 system.

Require Tools

  1. NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector

  2. Windows PC

  3. micro SD card and the USB Reader

    Please use the micro SD card >32G and formatted to exFAT.

Require Software

  1. NS-Atmosphere Programmer

  2. 4nxci-v1.36

  3. kezplez


Dumping Required Files

  1. We need your SBK (Secure Boot Key) and TSEC (Tegra X1's Security Co-processor Keys) before we can get the main keys. These are 100% console unique.

  2. Download the kezplez, and unzip to your PC desktop.

  3. Update the ipl.bin file into your Payload Injector.

    Plug your payload injector into your windows PC and use the software NS-Atmosphere Programmer to update the bin file.

    If you do not know how to update the bin file into the NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector, you can follow this Tutorial

  4. After that. Reset the Payload Injector and plug it into your switch console(make sure it has been totally power off). Hold the VOL+ and press the power button.

  5. Go Console info ...

  6. Select and run the three options. Print fuse info and Print kfuse info and Print TESE keys.

    Run them , and press the Power button to dump them to the SD card

  7. Then do the follow two steps.

    • Tools -> Backup -> Backup eMMC BOOT0/1

    • Tools -> Dump package1/2

  8. After Done all them. Turn off your console, take out your micro sd card and read it on your PC. You can check the folder "Backup" in the root of your micro sd card.

    And there are also three files in the Backup -> Dumps

Get the keys

  1. Launch your favorite CFW. This tutorial I use the NS-Atmosphere SD files and payload. You can also use the Reinx, Atmosphere, SX OS and so on.

  2. Please update the NS-Atmosphere.bin into the Payload Injector. If you do not know how to do that please follow this tutorial AGAIN.

  3. Copy the files into the folder switch on the root of your micro SD card.

  4. Put the micro sd card into your console, and install the jig, plug the Payload Injector into your console, then boot into the CFW.

  5. Select the Album will go into the CFW, touch the menu HOMEBREW on the top of the screen , and find the program kezplez-nx

  6. Select the kezplez-ns , and then press the A button on your right joy.

  7. When finished, there will be a files name prod.keys in the root of your sd card, this file contains almost 85 keys of your system.

Convert .xci to .nsp

  1. Copy the keys.txt into the 4nxci-v1.36 folder. And then put into the prod.keys , name it to keys.dat

  2. Copy the .xci GAMES into the 4nxci-v1.36 folder, and drug the xci game onto the 4nxci.exe

  3. After done, the Created NSP files are located in the same folder with "titleid.nsp" filename.

  4. Copy the .nsp files into the root of your switch micro sd card.

  5. Now , REBOOT CFW again, and you will find the nsp files in the Install

    The two files are appliation file and update file of the VOEZ, which you have just copied to the micro sd card.

  6. Press A button to install them, then press X to change the installation target . I suggest you install them into your system storage.

  7. After Done, you can play the games in the switch MAIN PAGE .