How to use play the Atmosphere CFW on the switch 7.0/7.0.1

Required Files:

Required Tools:

  • NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector, which comes the NS-Atmosphere payload inside.

  • Windows PC with Internet connection

  • micro SD card and USB reader

    The microSD card required to be formatted to exFAT and should bigger than 32GB.

Installation Steps:

  • Download the SD Files and unzip to the root of micro SD card.

    Please make sure that your micro SD card has been formatted to exFAT

  • Please use the NS-Atmosphere Programmer to update the payload hekate_ctcaer_4.8.bin into your payload Injector.

  • Also put the NSP games into your root micro SD card.

  • Make sure that your Switch console is completely power off. Plug the micro SD card into your Switch console.

    The easiest way is hold the power button of your console for 3~5 seconds, and choose the Power Options -> Turn Off

  • Pull out the Jig (RCM tool) from the NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector and slide the Jig into the Right-Hand Joycon rail and push it down.

  • Turn on the NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector and the blue LED will shine, then plug the payload injector dongle into the USB-C port of your Switch console.

  • Now, holding the VOL+ button ,then press the Power Button.

  • You will see the LED shine pink and after that the NS-Atmosphere LOGO displayed in the Switch.

  • Now the system will boot into the CFW, when the system started and you can remove the Jig from the Joycon rail and plug out the Payload Injector( Please turn off the Payload Injector when not in use) .

  • LED status . Here I quoted the "led status" made by Rasa39 from Gbatemp, its a very good review, recommand.

    The LED's change depending on what is going on inside the injector while it's connected to a pc, blue for power, green for full and red for write (payload as well as driver install)

  • Go into the system and click the Album

  • Select the Install of the top menu. The NSP games will auto show. Press Ato install it.

  • GO back to the main page of the system after installation success, and the games will showing.

  • Enjoy it!