NS-Atmosphere Programmer Installation Manual(How to update the payload)

The NS-Atmosphere is used to update the jailbreak payload into the NS-Atmosphere payload Injector on Windows PC , we can use this programmer to update the payload convenient and swift.

Software Download:

Windows: Setup NS-Atmosphere programmer v0.3.zip

Ubunut 64bit: NS-Atmosphere-Programmer-Ubuntu-64bit-v0.1.zip

Ubuntu 32bit: NS-Atmosphere-Programmer-Ubuntu-32bit-v1.0.zip

Mac OS: NS-Atmosphere-Programmer-OSX-v1.1.dmg


If you are using the Windows8/10 64bit, you need to disable signature verification, because they'll only load drivers that have been signed by Microsoft. Please following the steps from this tutorial before installing the ns-atmosphere programmer. If you meet some other issue, please check the FAQS

If you are using the Mac OS, you need to install the software, and open it in the "Applications"


  • windows PC, you can also use the ubuntu and mac os.
  • micro USB cable
  • NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector


  • unzip the download fie on your PC.


  • Double click to install it.


  • choose Next -> Install->Finish


  • Switch ON the Payload Injector and the work led indicator should immediately turn on. Then use the micro USB cable connect to windows PC and the Charge LED will bright blue.

    The Charge LED bright blue means that the PC USB port is charging the Injector internal battery. When the Charge LED bright green means that the internal battery is charged full.


  • Now, double press the Reset Button (which showed in the picture above), the work LED should bright pink, indicate that the NS-Atmosphere payload programmer has been installed successfully, and the windows driver has been worked.


  • Open your Device Manager

    • In Windows 7 8 or 10, simply search for "Device Manager" and select the Windows app
    • Right click Computer on your desktop, select the "Device Manager"
    • (Start > Run > "devmgmt.msc", should work on almost any version of the OS.)


  • Keep mind that the COM number which showed in the "Device Manager".

  • If your work LED still bright BLUE when you double press the "Reset Button", and can not find the NS-Atmosphere serial device in the "Device Manager", you should install the windows driver manually.

    You can get the tutoria at the bottom of this article.

  • Open the software that you have installed. You can simply search "NS-Atmosphere". Or you can find it in your desktop if you have choose the "create a desktop shortcut" when you install it.


  • Click the Refresh in the software window, and then select the Serial COM Port, which has showed in the "Device Manager". Then choose the payload which you need to burn into the Payload Injector.

    The NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector supports all the switch jailbreak payload, such as SX OS payload, the famous hekate payload, the ReiNX payload and so on.

    We use the "hekate_ctcaer_3.2.bin" as an example in this tutorial.


  • Then Click the Write Button, the software will write and verify the payload file auto. It will show success after everything done. After that press the "Reset Button" to reset the Payload Injector.programmer11

  • Now you can use this Payload Injector to boot your switch console, congratulation.

    Do not forget to copy the corresponding SD Files into your conosle's TF card

How to install the windows driver manually

  • Please Open the Device Manager, expand the "Other devices" tree -- you should see an entry for "Unknown Device", Right-click and select Update Driver Software...


  • Select Browse my computer for driver software. On the next screen


  • Paste the directory location of your NS-Atmosphere Programmer Path.Then hit "Next".


  • Choose Install this driver software anyway.



  • After success, you can get the Serial COM port in the "Device Manager".