User Manual of NS-Atmosphere For switch system 3.0.0-9.0.1

Prepare :

  1. Please use the latest Atmosphere SD Files


    The newest SD Files support the switch system from 3.0.0-9.0.1

    If you want to upgrade your switch system , please use the offline upgrade instead of online upgrade , >>Offline upgrade system Tutorial<<


  1. NS-Atmosphere Payload Inject with the Jig

  2. Windows 7/8.10 PC, better using windows 10

  3. Micro sd card usb reader

  4. Micro sd card exfat format at least 32GB


  • Extra the zip file to your computer,upgrade the hekate_ctcaer_4.10.1.bin payload into your NS-Atmosphere Payload Injector.

    You can also find the payload in the file

  • The NS-Atmosphere programmer has windows, ubuntu, macOS verison, you can get them from the page

    If you are using the windows, it is highly recommended to use the windows10.

  • Connect the payload injector into your computer with a micro USB cable, turn the Power, and two blue Leds will light up , If the Charge Led light green, it means that the lithium battery of the payload injector is already full.

  • Detailed LED function

    Charge LED:charging status is blue, full charge is green Work LED:the default is blue, the led is pink during the firmware update or during the payload inject.

  • How to upgrade the payload

    1. After Connect the payload injector into your computer with a micro USB cable and turn the Power switch on and the NS-Atmosphere Programmer already installed, double press the RST button, the payload injector will enter into the bootloader mode, and the work LED will light to Pink

    FAQs: If you press the RST button twice and the LED is always blue, please make sure:

    • The connection between the injector and the computer is no problem.

    • When pressing the button twice, pay attention to the interval no more than 1 second.

    • The driver may not be installed successfully,you can go to this page for more information

    1. When you get the pink light , you can go on next step.

    • Open the NS-Atmosphere Programmer in your computer , click the Refresh button .

    • Then select the COM port. You can open the computer's Device Manager to confirm the port number of the device. In Device Manager,find the name Port . Different computers, NS-ATMOSPHERE corresponding COM port is not the same.

    • Then Click Browse , find the payload you need to upgrade to the injector.

    • Click Write to start upgrade.

      The programmer will automatically burn the payload into it and verify it. So no need to worry about if your payload is actually burned into.

  • Copy the decompressed SD file to the TF card, and copy the NSP game that needs to be installed to the root directory of the switch micro sd card, as shown in the following figure.

  • Then put the micro sd card into your switch system.

  • Make sure your switch is totally Power off. Hold Press Power button on your switch , then choose Options -> Turn Off

  • Insert the jig into your switch, turn on the injector's power switch, and insert the injector into the USB port of your switch.

  • Press and hold the volume + button while pressing the power button. At this time, the RCM crack mode will be automatically entered. If the payload is successfully injected, the Work LED will flash pink, and the screen will show the NS-Atmosphere LOGO.

  • Then the system will auto boot into the CFW. At this point you can unplug the injector.

    When the NS-Atmosphere LOGO appears, immediately press and hold the volume minus -, you will enter the hekate payload menu , where you can do backup and recovery system, get the host's keys, etc.

    Tutorial---->>How to backup/restore Nand

    Tutorial---->>How to get switch system keys

    Tutorial--->>How to turn on/off autoRCM

  • Double-click the user icon in the upper left corner on the main interface. It will enter the hbmenu screen, indicating that the crack is successful.

  • Choose Tinfoil v1.57 here to install the game, perfect support for XCI NSP DLC format

  • Press "A" to install games

  • Choose to install the location SD card, including all DLC and include the latest updates. Tinfoil will automatically recognize the DLC and the game's update file NSP/XCI for installation.